Mel Boldt and Associates and the microwave’s first look

by | Jul 29, 2022 | History

The microwaves that populate just about every kitchen and dorm room today first showed up in kitchens back in 1967, courtesy of Mel Boldt and Associates’ client Amana, which was the first company to develop them for the mass market. That meant it was the job of designers at Mel Boldt and Associates to decide how many of the devices would look.

Amana named this early version of the microwave oven the “Radarange” because it uses a magnetron to reflect very small “micro” radio waves within the metal oven, causing water molecules in food to vibrate and cook it quickly. 

Bob Huff, who designed for Mel Boldt and Associates from 1961 to 1985, says those early Radarange designs are still a hot product in the retro market today. He says what made them special was their zinc die cast front plate, a curved outline and double layers of glass. “It was just a gorgeous product.” He said they were a prime product in the market because theirs was the only one with a door that dropped down rather than to the side. And the zinc front plate was strong enough to hold anything you put on it — even a turkey.

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Stacey Alatzas is a journalist, author and social media consultant. She is the granddaughter of Mel Boldt, who started Mel Boldt and Associates in 1952. 

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