Cii Plug and Play Power Systems

Save time, save money, save the planet.

With CII we developed easy to install, easy to move, easy to add, easy to change power and lighting systems that reduced impact on the environment by reducing materials, improving HVAC power efficiency and reducing power consumed by lighting. This saved time, saved money and saved the planet all at once.

Floor box lids were designed to blend into the floor covering to keep a high aesthetic.

Designed and manufactured from poly carbonate to increase strength, the light weight, highly sculpted CII lids rivaled the strength of metal lids from competitors.


Designed to improve building efficiency in every way, the CII power system offered controlled circuits that reduce lighting and electric power consumption when rooms were vacant.

Green seal gaskets improved the integrity of the HVAC plenum space by reducing air leakage around the electrical box. The CII box was independently tested to be air tight.

Project Details

Industrial Designer

Product Development

Rob Fleck, MBA




Industrial Design | Product Development

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