Hello Again!

by | Apr 21, 2021 | News

Welcome to the Mel Boldt and Associates [MBA] blog.  

“Hello World” may be a more familiar way to open a blog, but it seemed wrong in this case.  To say “hello world” would imply this is MBA’s first introduction to the world.  This could not be further from the truth.  

The firm, Mel Boldt and Associates, was started in the early 1950’s by Mel Boldt himself.  He grew that firm to be one of the most influential design firms in America in terms of work produced [source Bill Cesaroni: President, Cesaroni Design].

Here we are again.  Key Boldt family members have teamed up with a network of designers and engineers intending to reintroduce the Mel Boldt name to the world and to continue to add to the already impressive body of work.

This blog will re-introduce many of the iconic works of MBA.  It will cover a carefully curated series of musings on modern product development including topics such as product design, product management, business development, roadmap development, some product reviews and some light office politics when appropriate.

I hope you find the blog interesting enough to check back in from time to time.  

Thank you for giving this a read.


Rob Fleck

About The Editor

Rob Fleck is a 25 year product development veteran and BSEE. He has worked for large brands such as TDK and Belkin as well as dynamic start ups such as Intelity and Inspire.  His experience spans both hardware and software; hard goods and soft goods.  He has managed every part of the product development process from napkin sketch to shelf. 

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